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Posted 10 March 2016


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Our very own Ongo apprentices

We've currently got five apprentices based at our Customer Centre, on Cole Street in Scunthorpe. They're all working towards their Level Two Customer Services qualification.

They split their time between Ongo, Crosby Employment and North Lindsey College. This is giving them a really rounded view of all things customer service.

Let's hear from them on how they're finding their apprenticeships so far.

Here's what our apprentices Chloe Ashton (CA), Rosanna DeVita (RD), Kelly Tang (KT), Brett Watson (BW) and Rayaan Whittingham (RW) had to say.

Why did you apply for an apprenticeship?

CA - I applied for an apprenticeship to gain experience, skills and knowledge, building confidence to get into a workplace.

RD - I applied to go into work and get more hands experience as well as gaining qualifications which is a bonus. I wanted to get somewhere in life and be a role model to my little boy.

KT - I have heard many great opportunities start from becoming an apprentice. I believe an apprenticeship is beneficial in directing you towards a successful future.

BW - I wanted to improve my own life and make sure I get a stable income and settle down.

RW - I need three years customer service experience and qualifications to get to where I want to go which is Universal Studios and I have the opportunity to know what it’s like to have a job as this is my first proper job.

What have you enjoyed most about your time as an apprentice?

CA - I have enjoyed meeting targets and communicating with colleagues, I enjoy completing surveys and sitting on reception at college and meeting new people and getting my work done.

RD - I have enjoyed gaining skills on reception and working in admin as well as interaction with people as I am a people’s person. I enjoy prioritising my workload and meeting targets  feels like an achievement.

KT - I have enjoyed how I am able to work, learn and earn at the same time in one role. I enjoy how I am included as part of the team in the workplaces and get treated equally  as all other members of staff. They are all supportive whenever I need to ask for help on anything.

BW - I enjoy meeting new people and I wanted to work in customer service. I enjoy being in a working environment and being part of a team. I have completed 10 e-learning courses within my first two weeks of being an apprentice.

RW - I enjoy the opportunity to work and learn with people I haven’t met. I enjoy gaining new skills and the atmosphere of the workplace and I feel as though I am more mature since becoming an apprentice.

Why would you recommend doing an apprenticeship?

CA - I would recommend an apprenticeship as it helps young people gain experience and qualifications.

RD - I would recommend doing an apprenticeship as it is learning a trade while getting paid, it is fun and you get working environment experience and interact with colleagues.

KT - I would recommend doing an apprenticeship as it is a fast track to getting onto the career path you are working towards, you are able to gain experience on the job as well as gaining an income and qualifications.

BW - I would recommend doing an apprenticeship as it will help you get a job when you gain the experience and qualifications.

RW - I would recommend doing an apprenticeship as it will help people who need the skills to get the job. Most jobs ask for experience.

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