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Posted 09 March 2016



Rebecca & Matthew talk about their apprenticeship experiences

Rebecca and Matthew are both apprentices at Intake Transport.

Rebecca Catchpole is an Accounts Apprentice at Intake Transport. She is due to finish at the end of March and will be taken on as a full time employee. Matthew Bell is a HGV Technician Apprentice, also at Intake Transport.

Let’s hear from them about their experiences as apprentices.

Why did you start an apprenticeship?

Rebecca (R) - I chose to do an apprenticeship to get into an area of work I wanted to work in and to gain skills and experience. I did go to college full time for a few months like many of my friends but decided to change to an apprenticeship.

Matthew (M) - I wanted to learn a useful trade and thought it would be better to train whilst working to gain my qualification.

What skills have you gained?

R- I have gained a better understanding of what I am expected to do in my role which includes POD’s, BACs payments, following up information on the accounting systems, calling customers and clients along with making sure the systems match up. I used to hate talking on the phone but find it easier now and my confidence has increased. I had a brief idea before of what I wanted to do but now I know this is the career I want.

M - I have gained skills in fabrication, mechanics, electronic diagnostics and communication. I have a much better knowledge base now and enjoy understanding how things work.

Why would you suggest a business takes on an apprentice?

R - You would be recruiting someone that’s interested in your company and wants to work there. Taking on an apprentice lets you gain an insight first without actually committing yourself, and then at the end of the apprenticeship you make your decision whether to take them on full time or not.

M - You get to train someone up from the beginning the way you want to.

Why would you suggest someone starts an apprenticeship?

R - It’s a great way of starting your career and training whilst getting a qualification.

M - It gives you great life skills and opens up doors for you.

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