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Communcal areas

As your landlord, we have responsibility for your home including making sure the structure of the buildings and communal areas meet fire and safety requirements. More importantly, we need to work together to ensure everyone that uses these areas (you, your neighbours and visitors) are kept safe.

Communal areas need to be kept clear

We are responsible for communal areas and we have a duty to make sure you can escape in an emergency. If you could not get out because you tripped over a mat or were hit by exploding glass from a picture, we would be responsible, even if it was you who put it there. 

The legislation that focuses on fire risks has placed extra responsibilities on us to make sure that if there was a fire in your block, there'd be nothing in the communal areas which could make it difficult to get out, or could give off smoke that would affect you, or obstruct the Fire Service in their rescue duties. 

By law, we have duties to keep you safe and minimise any risks.

Our policy is that you may not use communal areas for storage or place unwanted goods or decorative items outside your front door. 

Some of the most common items we can’t allow are:

  • Pushchairs
  • Bikes
  • Shopping trolleys
  • Door mats
  • Plants
  • Pictures

You are putting yourself and other residents at risk of harm if you leave items in communal areas, particularly in the event of a fire.

If communal areas aren't kept clear

The best thing we can do is to prevent problems happening in the first place, rather than reacting when things go wrong. Our approach is to manage communal areas in a way that minimises risk and meets legal requirements.

Therefore we will carry out inspections of communal areas regularly to make sure there are no obstructions, so please  keep belongings in your own home.

If any items are left in the communal area, we will try and find out who the owner is and give them a chance to remove the items. However if they are not removed, we will place them in storage away from the block.

When we have to remove any item oursleves, we will contact the affected resident to arrange for its collection. You will be charged for any items we have had to store though, and items of low or no value will be disposed of immediately.

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It is important you let us know so we can support you in paying your rent on time.

Phone lines down

We’re having a few technical issues with our phone lines at the moment, if you’re struggling to get through or it seems like you’ve been cut off, please try again. You could also use the My Home app, or social media. We’re really sorry for the inconvenience this is causing and really appreciate your patience.


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